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Matt is an architecture graduate applying design thinking to business problems.


Matt C. Reynolds

M.Arch, B.EDS

Matt is an architecture graduate trained to think in three dimensions and diagnose complex problems in a holistic way. After donating his time to help small organizations and start-ups realize their vision, Matt's enthusiasm and hard work has grown into his own business.

Proudly based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, mattsy ¶ studio focuses on helping others share their passion with the world.

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Matt is passionate about public interest design, material culture, conservation, and connecting aesthetic expression of the past with technology and demands of the present. He has been studying and travelling the North Atlantic Rim for over five years to deepen his understanding of the built history and vernacular traditions of coastal settlements, including Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Magdalen Islands, Norway, and Iceland. During his graduate studies, Matt was awarded the Rossetti Scholarship to pursue these interests and study several villages in the Faroe Islands.

Matt’s thesis work, Maintaining the Character of a Place: Critical Approaches to Architectural Conservation advocated for a deeper understanding of how we maintain built heritage and the architectural integrity of flexible spaces. Guided by the local tradition of informal adaptation of buildings and their continual maintenance, the project reimagined a vacant school building in Bonavista, Newfoundland, as a physical space for knowledge acquisition and idea exchange.

Matt has gained experience working in award-winning architectural firms across Canada including ERA Architects in Toronto, DSRA Architecture in Halifax, and Toker & Associates Architecture in Calgary. He continues to expand his professional integrity and has contributed to international conferences.



Matt holds a Master of Architecture from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor in Environmental Design Studies. His background in Anthropology and Folklore ground his sympathetic method and allow him to synthesize both qualitative and quantitative data.

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