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Calendar Desktops for 2017

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Calendar Desktops for 2017

These Desktop Wallpapers are completely free for personal use and made available for download. There are now two sizes made available: Stardard (for screens less than 2200 pixels wide) and High Resolution (for larger screens and tvs). For best results, centre the image with a solid white background.

I have updated the calendar for 2017. The layout has been refined and the majority of the type is set in Kronos Sans Pro — and its condensed version — with the month title set in Avenir Next. Designing a calendar each month has become a welcome part of my routine where I take time to reflect on the previous month, and look forward to the next one. These are now a consistent series of monthly calendars I began in the early part of 2015.

Personal use only — for commercial projects and licensing, please contact me.


December 2017

The year flew by, and we're already at the last of the 2017 calendars. This photograph was taken during my first trip to Iceland in 2015, hiking between Arnarstapi and Hellnar on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

The last instalment of the 2017 edition, December.


November 2017

As I battle to finish my Master Thesis in Architecture, this month's desktop is a few days late. This is a photograph taken some time ago with a Mamiya C330 TLR film camera, which I’ve since sold to a friend of mine. The small “Ocean View” cabin is located in Biscayan Cove, on the northern tip of the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland.

Introducing the eleventh instalment of the 2017 edition, November.


October 2017

This month's desktop is the result of a recent trip to England to present at a conference at the Oxford Brooks University campus. In line with the orange and yellows typically associated with October, I wanted to share the experience of walking and exploring the amazing historic architecture on the Oxford Campus. This photograph was taken approaching the Sheldonian Theatre near the Radcliffe Camera.

Introducing the tenth instalment of the 2017 edition, October.

Introducing the ninth instalment of the 2017 edition, October.


September 2017

This month's desktop is the result of a very recent trip to England to present at a conference at the Oxford Brooks University campus. Before travelling to Oxford I spent some time in London exploring and checking out the amazing historic architecture. This photograph was taken inside the Palm House at Kew Gardens.

The Palm House Kew’s most recognizable buildings having gained iconic status as the world’s most important surviving Victorian glass and iron structure.  Constructed in 1844 by Richard Turner to Decimus Burton’s designs to provide a home for the tropical plants that Victorian explorers brought back from their adventures in the tropics. A glass house at this scale required the architects and engineers to borrow techniques from the ship building industry.

Introducing the ninth instalment of the 2017 edition, September.


August 2017

This photograph was taken from the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Last week I was out in Chéticamp with a colleague and friend of mine, Alex, for a site visit. We had a little extra time to enjoy some hiking and head to the beach.

The summer is flying by! Take a moment each day to enjoy this month's view in case you don't have the chance yourself!

Introducing the eighth instalment of the 2017 edition, August.


July 2017

This photograph was taken on a ship in the town Hvannasund, located on the west coast of the island of Viðoy in the Faroe Islands. At the time I was about to leave for Hattarvík, a small village on the east side of the island Fugloy (the easternmost place in the country).

It was roughly this time a year ago that I was conducting research work in the Faroe Islands. I look forward to returning to work on my book about that experience very shortly.

For now, introducing the seventh instalment of the 2017 edition, July.


June 2017

May was a busy month for me, and it looks like June is only going to get busier. I'm finishing my Master of Architecture thesis, working with a new client for mattsy design, and speaking at a conference in Newfoundland in the middle of the month.

This photograph was taken off the coast of Reykjavík Iceland while walking through Richard Serra's Áfangar on Viðey island. It was shot with Fuji Neopan.

Introducing the sixth instalment of the 2017 edition, June.


May 2017

April featured some personal reflection time: thinking about where I've been, and where I'm going. It's not that I'm unhappy with how my life is unfolding — quite the opposite — but I'm graduating from the Master of Architecture program in a few months and all of a sudden I need to think about my future. 

This photograph was taken two years ago (almost to the day) as I was on my way to Iceland for the first time. I awoke to find the sun setting over the amazing mountains and icy rivers of Greenland. The plane was quiet, and nearly everyone was crowding around the windows — it was really surreal. It gives me goosebumps to think about.

For me, this confirms my direction in life in a way. I've since been back to Iceland a second time, and I've really committed to understanding what it means to live and build on the North Atlantic Ocean.

Introducing the fifth instalment of the 2017 edition, May.


April 2017

It's already April, and it's time to get out there! Start planning your own adventure — even it's just having a coffee at the beach to stay warm!

Introducing the fourth instalment of the 2017 edition, April.


March 2017

It's March and spring is just around the corner! This month I'm featuring two different desktop wallpapers to choose from. After a "greyt" day at the beach with my girlfriend and my pal Flint the greyhound, I couldn't resit introducing him to the rest of the world. And, if you're not into dogs, there is also a pretty spectacular sunset on the outdoor speed skating oval here in Halifax you can opt for.

Introducing: the third instalments of the 2017 edition.


February 2017

January flew by, and we're already on to February! This month features the moody landscape of Hvalba on the island of Suðuroy, Faroe Islands!

Introducing: the second instalment of the 2017 edition.


January 2017

The first calendar of the new year! January features the harbour and snowy fjords of Hofsós, Iceland.

I have changed the calendar for 2017: the layout has been refined and the majority of the type is set in Kronos Sans Pro (and its condensed version), with the month title set in Avenir Next.

Introducing: The first calendar of 2017.