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Bicycle Lodge

Architectural Research, Competition, Concept Design

Architectural Research, Concept Design, Competition

Loire Valley Bicycle Lodge

The lodge is envisioned as a quiet, calm place for rest and reflection after a long day on the trail. Cyclists store their bikes in compartments on either side before stepping inside. The minimal interior is composed of two private spaces flanking an open area. Simple planar surfaces are designed for eating, sitting, and sleeping. Fenestration directs views out to the river [sitting] or up to the sky [sleeping].

The design takes cues from historic lodge typology in the area. The traditional form is morphed and adapted to suit a new program, and utilizes humble materials. Simple in construction, the building can be assembled with standard wood framing techniques.

Project Team: Matt C Reynolds, Sean Lamb, Nathan Merrithew

Lodge-Render-1 copy.jpg